Promoting Electrochemical Science and Technology in Denmark

The Danish Electrochemical Society, which today has about 130 members, was formed in the autumn 1970. The members are mainly drawn from many of the academic institutes active in electrochemistry, and from a number of companies, in Denmark. The research interests of the members covers many areas of electrochemistry including:

  • energy storage and battery technology
  • energy conversion technologies such as fuel cells, electrolysis cells, photoelectrochemical solar cells
  • electrochemical deposition of various materials including inorganic materials, metals, polymers
  • electroanalytical methods and tools such as voltammetry, pulse methods, microelectrodes, ion selective electrodes, and modified electrodes
  • electrocatalysis, e.g. for applications in fuel cells and electrolysis cells
  • theoretical aspects of electron transfer theory
  • electrochemical scanning probe methods
  • electrochemical impedance spectroscopy and associated theory
  • bioelectrochemistry
  • corrosion and corrosion protection / prevention

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