Foredrag i Dansk Elektrokemisk Forening

Announcement and call for contributions to spring seminar on


- held by the Danish Ceramic and the Danish Electrochemical Societies

Risø National Laboratory, Frederiksborgvej 399, DK-4000 Roskilde

Niels Bohr Auditorium

 1st of June 2005, 9:00

The perovskite structure offers to the material scientist a vide range of possibilities for both coupling electrical and physical properties as well as for applications where tailored structures meet specific needs of functional materials.

In order to bring together people from the industry and research laboratories and hopefully obtain a stimulating overview of the activities within this field in both Denmark and its neighbor countries, a topical meeting is held at Risø National Laboratory.

So far, the program includes J. Kilner from UK, K. Wiik from Norway a number of well-known people from Danish academia and industry covering the following headlines:

·          Relationships between perovskite structures and properties.

·          Preparation and characterization of perovskites

·          Applications of perovskites (Dielectrics, Piezoelectrics, sensors, Superconductors, ion and electron conductors, catalysts)

The program is still open for a few more contributions, so feel free to submit your abstract to the organizers ( and ) no later than 15/5 2005.

Registration and reservations for lunch and dinner to Anita Voss no later than 15/5 2005 on Phone: +45 4677 5800 or per e-mail:


Meeting fees:




Meeting, including coffee breaks








Conference dinner





Meeting fees payable to Danish Ceramic Society on bank (BG-bank, acct. nr. 1551 4787285) or by cash or check at the registration desk.

The final program can be seen here: perovskites program 2005.pdf.