Torsdag den 19. februar kl 19.00

Torsdag den 19. februar 2004 kl 19.00 holder Anja Boisen, MIC foredrag om cantilever sensorer. Mødet holdes på DTU, bygning 101, mødelokale 1 (umiddelbart over Polyteknisk Boghandel).

Anja Boisen er projektleder for Bioprobes. Der er et forskningsprojekt på MIC, med det overordnede formål at udvikle mekaniske sensorer for bio og kemisk detektion. For tiden fokuserer projektet på fremstilling af mikro- og nano-cantilever baserede sensorer, blandt andet for specifik detektion af biomolekyler.



Micro and nanocantilevers – a tool for label free molecular recognition


A. Boisen, Department of micro and nanotechnology, Technical University of Denmark, bldg. 345e, DK-2800 Lyngby, Denmark


A micrometer-sized cantilever can be used as a very sensitive, simple and cheap biochemical sensor in ambient and aqueous environments. Basically, a biochemical reaction at the cantilever surface can be monitored as a bending of the cantilever, due to a change in the surface stress. Furthermore, highly sensitive mass detection can be achieved by using resonating nanocantilevers. We have developed cantilever-based sensors with integrated read-out, which hold promises as fast, and cheap ‘point of care’ devices as well as interesting research tools. The detection technique involves no labeling of the molecules by fluorescent, magnetic or radioactive markers and bulky detection schemes like laser scans, CCD imaging or radiography are avoided. The cantilever-based sensor principle has a wide range of applications in real time local monitoring of chemical and biological interactions as well as in the detection of specific DNA sequences, proteins and particles.